Thursday, January 19, 2012

Apple iPad 3 specs hit the Web and offer plenty to talk about

It’s a new year and there isn’t going to be much to stop Apple from showing us new gadgets that we will crave until we have them.  First up is the newest generation tablet, the iPad 3.  Rumors have been circulating for a little bit and today we might have some concrete specs to finally report.  News originally reported to Bloomberg today, suggested that production for the iPad 3 has started and will continue through next month up until the launch date, which is set sometime in March of this year.  Earlier this month folks poking around in the iOS 5.1 beta found references to the possibility of quad-core support, leaving rumors to fly about the new iPad even more.

The sources that came to Bloomberg with the news claimed the new iPad would be powered by a quad-core A6 processor, have a “high-definition” display and come with support for LTE connectivity.  With LTE networks expanding and reaching the farthest parts of the country, most would say this would be standard.  Apple is typically one to pick up on new technology as soon as it is available so we’ll have to see where the LTE rumor goes.  A larger battery is also rumored for the iPad 3, which could also point towards LTE connectivity as it would likely drain a battery faster than a traditional connection.
The new QXGA HD display is rumored to be about 9.7-inches and have a pixel resolution of 2048×1536.  Apple is typically tight lipped with it comes to product specs before launch, although a couple of iPhones have been left in bars over the last couple of years.  Other information from the sources pointed to things like the iPad 3 “having more pixels on its screen than some HD televisions” and that the new graphics processor will allow the iPad 3 to play video almost instantly.
Production started this month and will take a break for the Chinese New Year, otherwise the Foxxcon factory will be working 24 hours per day to complete the orders needed.  Apple has a bad reputation when it comes to product shortages and if any of the specs catch the attention of new Apple fans, the company is going to need a lot more iPad’s than in they had in the past.

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