Monday, February 20, 2012

Apple iPad 3 Retina display confirmed and logic board leaked

As Apple's iPad 3 nears its expected official unveiling in early March, solid details and images
 have begun to emerge, with the most significant report, that MacRumors has obtained an iPad 3
 Retina display and has been able to verify for itself that the panels indeed features an ultra-high 
resolution. How? You may may ask; the good old-fashioned approach of placing the screen under
 a microscope for scrutiny.
iPad 3 Display

iPad 2 pixels VS iPad 3 pixels

MacRumors found the iPad 3 screen to be four times as dense as that of the iPad 2, confirming a 
doubling of both the horizontal and vertical resolutions to 2,048 x 1,536. At the same time the screen 
was also confirmed to be of the same dimensions as its predecessors at 9.7 inches. Images have also
 now emerged from other sources, strongly hinting towards many of these displays featuring Samsung
 branding, as previously expected.

Whilst unconfirmed, though certainly a convincing image, evidence has emerged featuring what is claimed
 to be Apple's new logic board for its iPad 3, with the CPU named the 'A5X' as opposed to the suggested
 'A6'. This supports earlier evidence that there was less code-change in the iOS 5.1 beta than would be 
expected from a completely new chip. It wouldn't be unreasonable to assume, should the image be legit, 
that the A5X is essentially an A5 with double core counts for both CPU and GPU, whilst maintaining similar
 power-ratings to the A5, having been further optimised and shrunk down to 28nm. This would place Apple's
 new chip on par with the CPU found in the Sony Playstation Vita portable console.
iPad 3 logic board

With the CPU likely a beefed up version of that found in the iPad 2, aside from an increased resolution display
 and what's looking likely to be an 8 megapixel rear-camera, little seems different about the iPad 3 in 
comparison to last year's iPad 2 release. Perhaps the rumours of an iPad 2S or a dual-model release were
 not that far fetched, either way, we'll hopefully find out in under three week's time.

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